cut up backup tapes

the cut up words of William S. Burroughs and John McAfee

From symbiosis to parasitism
The odyssey Sam and I have been on
a short step did not begin after the death of Mr Faull
The word is now a virus.
it began on October 15 this year,
an aborted raid by the police of San Pedro and Belize City.
Since that time
Victimless crimes are the lifeline
we have been on and off the run from the RIGHT virus.
Since April of last year the Belizean government
has been trying to level charge after charge against me,
all of them groundless,
the right to mind one's own business is recognized
the whole shit disposition
none of them sticking
is untenable and Hell hath no vociferous fury than
The reason I avoided the authorities
an endangered parasite.
I believe then, and I believe even stronger now,
the intent to question me
Modern man has lost the option of silence
nothing to do with Mr Faull's murder
And there is a growing recognition,
I simply would like to live comfortably day by day,
even in official quarters, that victimless crimes
fish, swim, enjoy my declining years,
My long-term plan was simply to get away from Belize,
think, and decide
should be removed from the books
subject to minimal penalties
I took drugs constantly, 24 hours of the day.
Because I'm creating an imaginary — it's always imaginary — world
I took them for years and years.
I was the worst drug abuser on the planet
in which I would like to live.